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If you don’t want to set up Apples Family Sharing account, any email address your child uses can be set up with Messages, as long as you enter it in their Message app, and in yours.

To prevent your child from getting direct messages from people not approved by you or already included in your child’s device address book you need to set up the “Filter Unknown Senders” toggle.

If you are allowing your child to use your account be aware they may see messages directed to you, so it is very important that for younger children they have direct supervision.

Be sure you set the privacy settings to retain history of conversations on your child’s device so you can view it when necessary.

Another incident I’m aware of was of an 11 year old sending a link to a pornographic website within Skype chat to a group, where the children were all exposed to this site, because no adult content filters had been enabled on their devices or the internet source at the time, and there was no supervising adult.