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There just has to be a community that’s not willing to accept it, and punishments for going against that.”Terrence Miller is a 21-year-old accounting student in New York.

He's been playing Hearthstone since the beta November 2013, and attributes his success at Dreamhack Austin this weekend to his practicing habits, which he developed playing Pokemon and Yu-Gi-Oh! And he was nervous, despite how calm he looked while he was playing.

In it, she argues that part of the problem lies with how major events like Dreamhack approach the streaming component.“Tournament organizers spend countless hours trying to get every little detail just right for their event…

Very little, if any, consideration goes into what happens once the broadcast reaches the public…

It helps you to not make any mistakes from playing too quickly." Terrence M played four decks at Dreamhack: Aggro Shaman, Patron Warrior, Renolock, and Miracle Rogue.