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Downton Abbey’s staff has a massive amount of behind-the-scenes labor that is never seen by the Grantham family.Before the family gets down to the dining room, the staff makes breakfast, starts a fire in the library, prepare clothing and accessories.Last but not least, it helps senior staff feel important and recognized.

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There was something magical about following the Grantham’s family from the early 1900s and watching the transition from the Edwardian era to World War I.

The important part of the series was the change in the British aristocracy.

Even if they aren’t directly involved in contact with customers.

It also teaches us that if you create a workplace that appreciates employees and lets them feel like family, you will more likely build loyalty, engagement and you will motivate them to make the best out of them. Sometimes good customer service software might be helpful too in providing exceptional customer service!

Changes in society brought them closer to the working class and forced them to recognize the importance of hard work.