Asia sex chat young - Dating the opposite sex

In fact, it’s just as healthy to maintain friendships with the opposite sex as it is with the same sex.

There is a line though, and it can be crossed — very easily — if you’re not careful.

You may even need to face up to the fact that your friendship will have to come to an end.

Protect your relationship If you are dedicated to making your relationship work, you will need to ensure you have the balance right between spending time with your friends and your partner.

And if there are aspects of your opposite-sex friendships that affect your relationship, then you may need to address these.

Think about how your partner would feel if they saw you with them.

On the flip-side, if you have a friend who is very supportive of your relationship, you may wish to spend more time with them. Your partner may be particularly jealous of your opposite-sex relationships, or they may not be bothered at all.

Whether it’s the girl you’ve known since you were five, or the university friend you’ve shared tons of experiences with, it can be tough for romantic partners to accept these friendships.