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Then again I caveat that with I have a thing for tan lookin women and give them a 1 almost automatically (I really hope giovanny reads this and gets a good laugh).

Anyway dope asses in the Argentinian sense not the brazil sense? This place sounds perfect..mentioned your Spanish is bad... do you only know greetings are you closer to knowing a few hundred words?

Guys here is one of my favorite cities for going after tan Mexican girls, Guadalajara, Jalisco Mexico (Gio you already know my tastes). Need social circle or strong game as usual since its Latinas, blondes do better, mega good looking girls very friendly, downside is do not slut it up as much, made up for by cheap cost of living, also NEED SPANISH.

I had weak weak Spanish, but just used looks, dance skills and broken Spanish to meet girls.

Most guys actually don’t know how to dance down here?