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It can be said that teasing and denial and orgasm denial may have their roots in good old fashioned pricktease.

Much of the foundation of tease and denial and orgasm denial seems to go back to the days of heavy petting in the backseats of cars, where the guy's balls are blue for hours, but no release can be had until he gets home and rubs one off by himself, thinking of his hot, sexy girl, and how it could be months or years before she gives it up.

The Masturbation Mistresses at Cock Control love to hear men masturbating, moaning in pleasure, and begging for release. Well, you'll have to call and find out just how serious we are about male long term orgasm denial!

If you're into cockteasing with an orgasm at the end, make sure to tell your Masturbatrix before your cocktease session begins - otherwise, we'll assume you're into orgasm denial, and we'll be the strict Mistress of your wildest fantasies can imagine. Is masturbation something you do on a regular basis?

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