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I don’t know if this is true but people who are lucky enough to find and form partnerships in later life realise how little this matters once they have found someone they love.It concerns me that you are so decided about the celibacy. Isn’t the natural tendency of all male-female relationships to move towards “a loving relationship and more”?There is a website, which caters for people who want sex to have no part in the relationship.

I am going to be given a sum of £1,500 and want to spend it on finding a companion. I have looked at websites and find them so off-putting.

Having to send a photograph is daunting (I photograph badly).

Children are grown and gone, and it is easy to feel superfluous and unwanted.

The way to survive is to battle these thoughts head on and to reach out and do something.

If I were going to look for somebody, I would go to Paula (who will cost you a lot less than £1,500). She also offers a free 15-minute consultation to answer your initial questions.