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But some men might have some of the following: Problems other than cancer can also cause symptoms.

Because it’s hard to figure out the cause based on symptoms alone, it’s important to have any testicular or scrotal change checked by a health care provider.

In adult males, these 2 organs are each normally a little smaller than a golf ball.

It can also cause belly pain or nausea and vomiting.

Testicular torsion occurs most often in teen boys, but may occur later in life.

Physical injury to the scrotum or testicle can cause pain right way, or it may cause slowly worsening pain and swelling later on as the scrotum fills with blood.

(This is known as a hematocele [hee-MAT-oh-seel].) Sometimes treatment may be needed to stop the bleeding, but the problem may get better on its own.

We also include information on how to do a testicular self-exam for men who want to do so.