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In case you’re wondering, this data is about the number of breaks in yarn during weaving :).Remember that factors are variables that can only contain a limited number of different values.

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Data Camp’s Intermediate R course, which teaches you, amongst other things, how to make your R code more efficient and readable using this function, along with the rest of the Now that you have been introduced to the basic pitfalls, it’s time to look at some problems, questions or difficulties that you might have already had while working with these data structures more intensively. Be careful, however, because it’s easy to make errors while doing this!

If you’re new to this topic, the following section will allow you to step up your data frame game. Note how you don’t see any column names in this empty data set.

This means that a data frame’s rows do not need to contain, but can contain, the same type of values: they can be numeric, character, logical, etc.; As you can see below, each instance, listed in the first unnamed column with a number, has certain characteristics that are spread out over the remaining three columns.

Each column needs to consist of values of the same type, since they are data vectors: as such, the columns have characters as values that are stored as factors.

Data frames are particularly handy to store multiple data vectors, which makes it easier to organize your data, to apply functions to it and to save your work.