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you compared with some competitors, but not Tokbox; how is it different? Right now we're working on an entirely new video interview recording application which is kind of like a very extended version of this.

We will host the videos on AWS for you for free as long as you maintain an account.3. Always think of Tok Box as a live streaming service (i.e. I know they allow you to record chats to a server, but it's not their focus and integration is a bit more involved as a result.5. Unfortunately, Web RTC isn;t quite ready for primetime when it comes to recording. The homepage has a recorder built in but the best way to play around is sign up for a free account and put a recorder in you site (no CC necessary to record up to 20 videos)Thanks for the interest! We've been working on this stuff (and a lot more) over at Video

A regular CCTV/DVR system stores the recorded data locally.

If the system is destroyed, you lose all recorded data.

The program would shut down, and the motion detection would not work.