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And how two teachers and the school secretary resigned after the incident.►Related: Teachers recorded playing game of 'marry, kill' about students What you never heard — and I waited all week, spoke to the school attorney and still can’t tell you — is who filmed that conversation. But somebody was sitting a few tables over at the Bangor Tavern that night, and secretly let a camera roll. So I DO NOT have a lot of sympathy for these individuals, if this is the respect they show their colleagues and kids.

They did reportedly make disparaging remarks about students (although not part of the MFK game) and that’s hugely inappropriate. since when it is OK to just start filming people in a restaurant? Didn’t we leap over a rather large principle there?

People often think they’re being noble by posting secret videos, as if every clip on You Tube or Facebook exposes wrongdoing to the healing light of justice. There is as much harm resulting from a quick video posting as there is good. Journalism is not defined by hitting “record” and pretending you’re eating dinner.

When videos like this surface, I’d like to see the filmers turn the camera on themselves, say who they are, why they are filming and what their association is with the subjects.

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