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It won’t, however, be dropping any jaws this time around, says Madden. From 12-years-old you can go on the internet and find anything you want so I don’t think there’s much to shock anyone anymore,” the 29-year-old says. “There’s not much nudity per say but she said, ‘Will there be noises?“Hopefully this story is just going to bring a grit to these characters that is real and actually very moving, to see people struggling through life and despite all the odds trying to find beauty and hope.” But it does go without saying that there will be scenes of a sexual nature that some people will find shocking… ’ and I said, ‘There might be’, so she said, ‘Well, I’ll not watch it then.’” For Madden, there is more to those intimate scenes than deep breaths and bared flesh.

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While the love triangle between Mellors, Constance and Sir Clifford is played out on screen, there is no nudity and just one mild swear word in the entire 90 minutes.

"I wouldn't have taken the part if the purpose of it was to be raunchy and crude," said Madden.

And even though I was in Game of Thrones which, you know, there’s quite a lot of gratuitous sex in that.

Anything did was purely character based and character driven.” Talking of Thrones, Madden decided not to ask his on-screen father Sean Bean, who played Mellors in the iconic 1993 BBC miniseries, for advice when he bagged the role. I have watched his version, [but] I’ve blocked it out of my mind because it was a while ago and I didn’t want to revisit it again just to prevent myself being influenced by it in anyway.” “I really had to try and find ownership over this because there are so many people who have owned this character before me,” says Madden.

His Mellors, written by Line of Duty's Jed Mercurio, is "fresh and real and human." “It’s not very clear cut. Everyone’s just trying to do the best with the lives they’ve been given.” And for Mellors that involves a choice to live his. He’s much older than he is physically because of what he’s been through.