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Realistic (fiction), 1,279 words, Level P (Grade 2) Have you ever wished you could converse with an animal? This third grader, who has been accused of lying, is going to tell you all about what happened.

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When the cast are nursing their hangovers they visit Jam Tree; a cosy and laid back bar on the King's Road with an amazing beer garden that's perfect for summer evenings.

Catch the cast of Made in Chelsea chilling here on a Sunday evening.

From a day time cocktail bar to a Chelsea favourite at night when resident DJs take over, your time at Ju Ju will most definitely be unforgettable.

Given its numerous awards and continuing quality, Ju Ju is an extremely exclusive club - so make sure you look the part.

Pop into Searcy's for a midday tipple and you might get a great view of the Made in Chelsea ladies swapping gossip and trash talking their rivals.