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Alisa, the protagonist of the film wants to save her village from having their endangered fireflies be wiped out.

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The film is about a young chef called Huang Da Xia who is struggling as a restaurateur but at the same time is applauded by the community for his good deeds in helping the community.

Huang embarks on a culinary journey to learn how to cook the best Chinese dish for a competition and along the way, he meets many local heroes who will change his life.

One of the winning factors would then be something which the audience members can actually relate to, and of course tug at their heartstrings enough that they would head straight to social media to give their two (positive) cents about the film.

Here are 10 Malaysian movies, in no particular order, that has our heart swelling with pride.

Orked chances upon Ah Loong’s stall as she is looking for a certain film and love soon blossoms between the pair but they are met with racial pressures.