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While the statistics are not new, Dr Choo argues that the explosion of social media networks and mobile technology in the last few years has made the Internet a fantastic wonderland for them.

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“The rules have changed, parents today don't know what the parameters are anymore. I worry all the time about who these potential monsters my daughter is talking to online are,” he grouses. In the defence of an international paedophile ring based in the UK last year, their lawyers attempted to get a lighter sentence by painting the suspects as emotionally disturbed and suffering from a low IQ.

The reality is, however, criminologists worldwide cannot effectively profile paedophiles.

Check out your child's cyber buddy; he or she may be in danger even if their chance of ever meeting offline is slim. Be very worried if this happens to your child, warns Datuk Mohamed Sharil Tarmizi, Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (MCMC) chairman.

FOR a while all you hear from your eight-year-old daughter is about her new Internet friend Ben. This could be a sign that he or she is under threat online, especially from cyber predators.

And like in real life where the danger lurking may look like your familiar accountant uncle instead of the bearded guy in the bush, the identity of cyber predator is also hard to pin.