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AGE journalists who went undercover for these meetings. AGE compiled material that included obscene images, inappropriate messages and hidden camera footage of the undercover journalists at work.

Malaysia does not have laws against "sexual grooming", which refers to the process of gaining a child's trust for future sexual exploitation, even though statistics show it has been on the rise.

After I filter out all the men, I just send messages to as many girls as possible."The predators then start grooming those who reply to them.

They would earn the trust of these children and gradually introduce sex into the conversations.

I asked them a slew of questions while driving the car to the station. Which brings me to the present slew of youngsters caught in “underage sex” as some tabloids love to scream (accompanied by grainy images of schoolchildren in uniform engaging in unsanctioned extra-curricular activities.) Although there was mutual consent, the police have in some of these matters treated the issue as a crime more than a social problem.