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The places often are guarded (and open) 24 hours a day, but some have closing times in which the victims are locked in from the outside.

Victims may be kept in this location for extended periods of time, or rotated to other locations every few days.

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A great choice for those who want the convenience of cash with the safety and security of a prepaid card.

Plus, it can be reloaded again and again—$500 at a time with a maximum balance amount of $3,000.

According to traditional pimping rules, when a victim makes eye contact with another pimp (accidentally or on purpose), she is choosing him to be her pimp.

If the original pimp wants the victim back, he must pay a fee to the new pimp.

Brothel (a/k/a Cathouse or Whorehouse) — These establishments may be apartments, houses, trailers, or any facility where sex is sold on the premises. Most brothels have security measures to prevent attacks by other criminals or provide a warning if law enforcement are nearby.