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In the messages Bryce suggests meeting up with the girl, who is herself deaf, when her mother isn't home or during spring break, according to police documents.

“People around the world looked up to mom in her inspirational leadership in developing policies and helping people,” says Ken Jr. But I have always been impressed by how professionally it is run — from the way telephones are answered, to how meetings are conducted.

It was Iris who instilled that image of professionalism, absolutely. Whenever she talked to you she made you feel like you were the most important person in the world to her, because, at that moment, you were.

Cochlear implants have revolutionised life for people who are deaf or hearing impaired and cannot benefit from a hearing aid.

But until recently, the experts who design and implant the devices have not known what they sound like.

She fought tirelessly for inclusion of people with disabilities while having incredible vision for the future. The family settled in Edmonton in 1971 so Dean could attend the School for the Deaf in Edmonton, one of the few Canadian deaf schools with an oral program.