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Secondly - be careful that she hasn't just realised she wants a baby before it's too late, and sees you as just the man to father it, with or without your agreement.

INGE CUBITT Brentford, Middlesex Love may follow friendly sex I feel you are looking for a committed relationship with someone you love. What a marvellous state to be in, and wouldn't it be fantastic if this ecstatic state went on forever. One of the pitfalls for many romantic lovers is that they see their lover through rose-coloured spectacles.

"But don't women these days see sex in a much more take-it-or-leave it way than they used to?

" I asked my son, having been fed this fuck-'em- and-chuck-'em line by a diet of movies, women's magazines and telly sitcoms. "Of course there is the odd one, but they're usually a bit screwy." Unless this woman is one of the screwy ones, then, Max will find that including sex in the relationship will change it drastically.

She might be so sexy, sensual and loving when she tears her clothes off, that he becomes completely hooked. If so, wriggling out of sleeping with her again is going to mean he has to reject her, unless he's prepared to go through a dismal bedtime charade every time they meet.