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It will include examples for you to see, explanations for you to understand, and links to other very helpful threads to help you learn about the joy of roleplaying. No person should EVER do this with their character. Often connected to Mary Sue, Gary Stu, and Marty Stu.

Also, since I do not consider myself 'the best of the best', this guide will be open to criticism (to question or correct what information I've provided in this guide). (ex.: “”)Mary Sue/Gary Stu/Marty Stu – An attempt by a roleplayer to make their character 'perfect'.

EDIT: Since Meep has posted something at the top of her thread about sticky status and 'liking' the post, I thought I'd also do the same. “”)God-modding/ God Mode – Controlling other's characters.

In order to get this stickied on the top of the forums (to help out players interested in roleplay in AND out of the game), you will have to 'like' (pressing the 'thumbs up' button on the right side of my posts) my posts and press the "Request Sticky" text at the top right of my topic (directly underneath your account character's picture) to help this gain a little bit more popularity... ----This guide, as stated above in the topic title, will be all about the basics of in-game roleplaying, and will be relatively lengthy. Generally, people who do this to their characters are avoided, shunned, or yelled at.

You are cordially invited to attend a special event featuring the characters you have come to know and love Bishop, Cael and Casavir.