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i got a text and when i checked the number it came from i found out it was a real phone number, but the phone was out of service. help I got an SMS from a sender with an email address instead of a phone number... I have received texts messages containing personal information from the private email. I have received three messages from three different numbers. Or that they're in town looking for a whale escort....

press and hold to get to the options of what to do with the message, and there isn't an option to forward to SPAM thing with T-Mobile. Ive gotten two from Alberta, one from Ontario and a few local numbers. Now I've got unknown and random numbers calling leaving messages that I'm this Ben person and they're waiting for me to submit the documents?

I'm pretty sure this is spam but it's really annoying. Just wondering if others are getting harassing messages like those...

I too just got a text from 2017302689 with only my name addy and a link.

Within 72 hours after you register the number, you will get an email that confirms your registration.