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Remy offers to suss out the situation, but Jackie stops him with this: “I want to taste you first.” Oh, those two and their oral sex.They’re so sexed up they don’t even realize someone’s photographing their trysts.It seems Claire hasn’t seen or spoken to her mother, Elizabeth, since her father’s funeral.

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He beats the ladies to the punch by announcing Frank’s intention to endorse Celia.

Claire tries to turn things her way, offering support for Celia down the road, but Doris isn’t having it.

Doug Stamper is also there to discourage the plan, creeping into Leann’s offices and prompting her to grab the gun from her desk.

Alas, she doesn’t use it to shoot him in the groin.

“I just happen to be white trash that lives in the White House,” he spits back. Harvey tells Frank that she doesn’t “respond to threats.” Later, he and Claire face off, but it’s Elizabeth who loses the fight.