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Putting potential ‘adult’ robot uses aside for a minute, the rules, the EU says, are required to ensure appropriate legality and responsibility in integrating the new non-humans into our lives.

With a robot workforce potentially replacing a human one, that would mean a significant drop in income and taxes for any government.“[Robots] raise concerns about the future of employment and the viability of social security systems if the current basis of taxation is maintained, creating the potential for increased inequality in the distribution of wealth and influence.”To balance this, the EU says that there may be the need to “introduce corporate reporting requirements on the extent and proportion of the contribution of robotics and AI to the economic results of a company for the purpose of taxation and social security contributions”.

Exhausted skeptics might wonder where it all will end.

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What ensues is not a “civil war,” exactly, but Rogers and his supporters in the group do split off to continue their unhampered pursuit of world-threatening malefactors—at the risk of becoming international fugitives. This is a serviceable story, occasionally warmed with sentiment (Rogers flies to London to attend the aged Peggy’s funeral) and often flecked with humor (Stark’s visit to a Queens row house to recruit budding web-slinger Peter Parker is tartly funny: “So you’re Spider-Boy,” Stark dryly observes.) The overstuffed cast is a problem throughout, though: Johansson’s Romanoff is sadly under-employed (where’s her spinoff movie, anyway?