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but it is apparently hit-or-miss when ordering these online. I'm in my late 20s and have outgrown low-rise jeans. Another 1/2 inch or so would cover my ankles when seated, but this is a problem I have with all jeans and not a fault with the 525s.Like many of the reviewers here, I'm tired of jeans that show crack or create muffin top. I wear a size 12 pant now (sigh) I am 5"6' and 150lb...these fit perfect. Very different item when compared to real Levi jeans.I've looked far and wide for a pair of jeans that sat at the waist and didn't look like "Mom jeans" or gap at the waist. I have a slightly long torso, but nothing noticible. If you order these check the button to insure it says Levi's. The jeans fit very well, no gap at the back of the waist, as advertised. I know it's cheap dye and other chemicals from the sub-par dyeing process, but it smells like poop.

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But I guess I should have paid closer attention to what some others were saying.

The material was a little bit thinner than the impression I got from the picture.

I ordered the exact same size but the "comfort waist" of the second pair is 2 whole inches smaller!

They aren't "comfort waist" anymore when they are already stretched 2 inches just to button them.

Difficult nowadays to find denim that is properly 100% cotton and non of that annoying lycra. Remember after washing they will shrink down a little. They look a bit big on you, that's how they are meant to look! These are more than twice this price in the Levi store. Washing I bought them in my usual size and they are the best boyfriend jeans. These are fabulously comfortable jeans, even if not the most stylish!