Active list login updating accessed

The global catalog is commonly used for email address lookups.

If you delete the computer object or reset the computer object password in Active Directory, you need to rebind Mac OS X to Active Directory in order for Mac OS X to access Active Directory.

When you use System Preferences or Directory Utility to bind to Active Directory, you see a suggested computer ID to use for the name of the Active Directory computer object.

Active Directory relies on DNS records generated by a DNS service that is tightly integrated with Active Directory, so you should configure Mac OS X to use the DNS service associated with the Active Directory domain before attempting to bind.

A , which is used to describe a best-effort collection of all the resources in a domain.

By default, when you are bound to another directory node, the Mac OS X login window also displays the option of “Other.” This allows you to specify a user name from a different directory node, as shown in this figure: At the Mac OS X login window, you can use many combinations of the user identifiers “Full name,” “User login name,” or “User login name (Pre-Windows 2000)” from Active Directory, along with other elements of the domain name.