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Anders: Yeah, exactly, but I think the fact that we've produced it ourselves and no-one's really been interfering with it, it's really a personal thing to us. You know those people who'll say, like "I've never really listened that much to your music" because they didn't really like the last record, and then they really like this!So, I definitely think that that's the reason why it sounds a lot like us. That's always really nice, but we've really been amazed at how the reactions have been. I think 'Never Gonna Give You Up' is a brilliant, brilliant song.

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Alphabeat singers dating

I think it's probably my favorite short of his, though, considering that it so well mixes everything in animation, stop motion, and real motion, and that overall it's quite adept at forcing you to think about all those children's shows that involve alphabet songs and alphabet animations dancing around, and how a lot of that stuff can be very disconcerting and bizarre if really looked at.

Furthermore, I believe it's probably one of his best uses of sound.

A series of 5-minute line animations (drawn in the rough style and with the minimalist plots of David Lynch's The Angriest Dog in the World comic strip) featuring an angry and violent Neanderthal, and his family and neighbors.

In 1988, the Figaro magazine asked to a few famous directors a series of short movies, to celebrate the 10 years of the revue.

So now this new album is just where we wanted to be all these years.