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Thus, if the pair were asked to describe their other classmate in only two words, Cory would have instantly blurted out "Big-haired Weirdo!" whereas Topanga would have thoughtfully arrived at "Hyperactive Underachiever." Cory would later ruefully dub the unfortunate period of his (non)relationship with Topanga during their time attending Jefferson Elementary School as "The Lost Years." However, unbeknownst to either of them, due to an impending intervention by their longtime teacher, Mr." Eager for the opportunity to impress his brother, Cory (not realizing until years later just how much he was lying) replied "Yuck! " When informed by Eric that having a girl as a best friend "wasn't cool," Cory, desperate to appease and emotionally reconnect with his brother by any means possible, deliberately, and without explanation, distanced himself from Topanga, teasing her unmercifully, and even going as far as actually throwing dirt at her.

Feeny, (whether by mere coincidence or grand design) Cory and Topanga's long stagnant relationship was on the verge of being revived.

At the dawning of their final year attending Jefferson Elementary School for sixth grade, nothing had changed between them.

Conversely, with her rather remarkable mind, Topanga was capable of completely recalling everything, but her fierce independent nature prevented her from ever directly demanding her former friend to explain himself.

Ergo, the unsolved mystery of precisely why Cory Matthews totally severed their friendship, did have the tendency to periodically gnaw at Topanga's sensitive soul.

But after a particularly insipid presentation on the environmental issue of their choice, by the perennial project partners of Cory and Shawn, a fed-up Mr.