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Faltin (2015) The development of language teaching beliefs: From theory to practice Oser, Haley Heather (2015) Producing quality barley for the malting industry Ou, Gengxin (2015) Modeling surface water and groundwater interactions in agricultural areas Padilla, Kevin Begcy (2015) Early seed development responses in cereals under environmental stresses Palmer, Nathan Andrew (2015) Functional Genomic Analyses of Switchgrass Developmental Processes Pan, Donald (2015) Role of Viruses Infecting Bacteria in Subsurface Sediments and Groundwater Parnell, Kenneth J (2015) The influence of a couple gratitude intervention on emotions, intimacy, and satisfaction in the relationship Pesta, Anna C (2015) Dietary strategies for mitigation of methane production by growing and finishing cattle Petit Cunningham, Elizabeth (2015) A typology of mathematical moments in kindergarten classrooms Pfeifer, Chase M (2015) Biomechanical Investigation of Elite Place-Kicking Pitchai, Krishnamoorthy (2015) A finite element method based microwave heat transfer modeling of frozen multi-component foods Pizzichemi, Sarah Joy (2015) Virtuoso violinist Maud Powell: Enduring champion for American women in professional music Powers, Richard D (2015) Student and teacher attitudes, experiences, and perceptions of integrated inquiry-powered design-based STEM units Prahlad, Janani (2015) Structural and biochemical studies of proteins implicated in oxidative stress Price, Vanntaccale (2015) The Quest For Success: A Phenomenological Study Aimed At Understanding The Experiences Of Successful African American Females In High School Prochaska, Travis Joseph (2015) Biochemical, physiological, and anatomical insights into aphid-bioenergy switchgrass interactions Pu, Jinya (2015) Volatile condensible material deposition in LEO simulated environment Pycior, Casey (2015) The spoils: Stories Qi, Yong (2015) Properties of soil particle size fractions and their effects on fate and transport of hormones in soil environments Quisenberry, David M (2015) Testing the Internal Validity of Psychological Capital: A Laboratory Experiment Utilizing Neurophysical and Psychological Measures Quispe, Cristian F (2015) Expansion of the Chlorovirus genus by studies on virus natural history and Chlorella host metabolism Ragusa, Jorge Alejandro (2015) Low Molecular Weight Glucosamine/L-lactide Copolymers as Potential Carriers for the Development of a Sustained Rifampicin Release System: Mycobacterium Smegmatis as a Tuberculosis Model Rajput, Santosh Ghashiram (2015) Development and utilization of genomic resources for genetic improvement of proso millet (Panicum miliaceum L.) Rattanaprasert, Monchaya (2015) Efficacy of galactooliosaccharide (GOS) and/or rhamnosebased synbiotics in enhancing ecological performance of Lactobacillus reuteri in the human gut and characterization of its gos metabolic system Reis, Tania Carlson (2015) Leadership traits of successful women university presidents: A qualitative study Ren, Lixin (2015) Parenting young children in contemporary Chinese society: A mixed methods study Reynolds, Sara A (2015) Dynamics of interacting populations: Single-species models and evolutionary outcomes for cannibalistic spiders Rezaei, Fahimeh (2015) A Novel Approach towards Real-Time Covert Timing Channel Detection Robicheaux, Timothy R (2015) Stress and eyewitness memory: Timing of stressor and association with cortisol stress responding Roche, Kenneth James (2015) Canola: A modern crop for a modern era Rosenthal, Malcolm F (2015) Mating in a variable world: The implications of environmental variation for male and female mating behavior Rose, Suzanne L (2015) A lipidomics approach to the viral-host dynamics of the unicellular, eukaryotic alga c Chlorella variabilis and its viral pathogen, PBCV-1 Ross, Joann M (2015) Making marital rape visible: A history of American legal and social movements criminalizing rape in marriage Rossman, Nathan R (2015) Simulation of regional groundwater flow and the effects of future climate change on water resources in the Nebraska Sand Hills Roth, Zachary J (2015) Analysis of neuronal sequences using pairwise biases Rudnick, Daran R (2015) Maize evapotranspiration, canopy and stomatal resistances, crop water productivity, and economic analysis for various nitrogen fertilizer rates under full irrigation, limited irrigation, and rainfed settings Safa, Babak (2015) Simulating net ecosystem exchange, latent heat and sensible heat fluxes in rainfed and irrigated maize using artificial neural networks Saferstein, Rhonda J (2015) Partisanship in a nonpartisan setting: The Nebraska state legislature Saini, Nipun (2015) Characterization of inhibitors of fatty acid transport protein-2 in cell and animal models Salinas Ruiz, Josafhat (2015) Optimal designs in genomic selection Sallach, J.

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Crews, James H (2016) Telling My Father Custead, Rebecca (2016) Encoding of saltatory tactile velocity in the adult orofacial somatosensory system Dailey, Douglas J (2016) Rigidity of the frobenius, matlis reflexivity, and minimal flat resolutions Dai, Shuwei (2016) Interpreting temperature- and precipitation-related scientific information for the agricultural community in the U. Corn Belt Davenport, Shirley (2016) Implementation of state developmental education policy: A multiple case study of community college faculty perceptions of involvement Delaney, Julie Chaloupka (2016) Turnaround Elementary Principals in Rural Missouri Deng, Qizhen (2016) The effect of a self-regulated vocabulary intervention on word knowledge, reading comprehension, and self-regulated learning for elementary English language learners Do, Kieu Anh T (2016) Into the gap: A mixed methods study of acculturation, stress, and refugee family functioning Domenech-Perez, Katherine I (2016) Impact of finishing diets with de-oiled distillers grains or antioxidant containing supplement on beef shelf life Doom, Catherine A (2016) Teacher Technology = Blended Learning: How Important is the Teacher in this Equation?

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associations, and population estimate of Shovelnose Sturgeon in the lower Platte River, Nebraska Hanamaikai, Nathan Kaoru Keikiokamakua (2016) Critical college experiences of the middle third of the high school graduating class Han, James Chengchou (2016) Development of Corn Soy Water, a web-based irrigation app for corn and soybean Hao, Xiaojuan (2016) Variational Bayesian inference on phylogenetic trees, with applications to metagenomics Hargarten, Jessica C (2016) Role of the quorum-sensing molecule, farnesol, in Candida albicans-host immune interactions Harris, Mary Kathleen (2016) Professional Diversity of the Audit Committee and the Effect on the Financial Reporting Process Hauser, Claire T (2016) Shame and resilience among mental health trainees: A scale construction study Hautala, Dane Steven (2016) Three studies examining the mechanisms linking stress exposure to delinquency and substance use among North American indigenous adolescents Hazrati, Ayoub (2016) Predicting construction labor productivity with Bayesian belief networks Henry, Ryan S (2016) Characterization of ground nozzles for pesticide applications Hepler, Douglas S (2016) Post-High School Outcomes of the Marshallese Graduates of the Kwajalein Jr-Sr High School Kwajalein, Marshall Islands Heppler, Jason A (2016) Machines in the Valley: Community, Urban Change, and Environmental Politics in Silicon Valley, 1945-1990 Hertz, Jason T (2016) Autobiography, ethnography: The writing of Native and American lives in the twentieth century Herwatic, Amanda Doyle (2016) Navigating the Labyrinth of Leadership: The Experience of Female Presidents in Arkansas Community Colleges Hoang, Khang (2016) Improvement of soybean productivity by enhancing photosynthetic capacity Holbein Swanson, Jami (2016) Leveraging a mentorship program in a complex system Holmes, Shannon R (2016) Unpacking conjoint behavioral consultation: Predictors and conditions that support parent-teacher relationships Hope, Meredith O (2016) The impact of peer victimization in high school on first-year undergraduates' psychosocial adjustment and academic performance Houck, Gabriel A (2016) The collection Hsu, Chung-Jen (2016) Reliability-based risk analyses of connected vehicles at highway-rail grade crossings Huang, Xi (2016) Coherent anti-Stokes Raman microscopy and spectroscopy for biological and biomedical sciences Huang, Yuting (2016) Metal ion as structural probe for carbohydrate characterization by ion mobility spectrometry and tandem mass spectrometry Hua, Yi (2016) Mild traumatic brain injury: Combined in silico and in vitro studies Hunter, Shane (2016) Jazz epidemics and deep set diseases: The de-pathologization of the black body in the work of three Harlem Renaissance writers Hunt, Katherine E.

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Bouchard, Axel Benjamin (2017) Longitudinal relations among anticholinergic drug burden, neurocognition, and community functioning in outpatients with serious mental illness Butchko, Michael S (2017) Repairing the broken mirror: understanding men's muscularity-focused body image concerns through the lens of gender role conflict and self-compassion Holtz, Jill W (2017) The Impact of Negative Reinforcement Contingent on Revision on Students' Writing: Can Writing Less Lead to Writing More?

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