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The three-judge panel noted that only “true threats” can violate the federal statute prohibiting threats against the President – “a serious expression of intent to commit an act of unlawful violence to a particular individual or group of individuals.” Prosecutors must show that the person making the threat “knows” others would interpret the statement or statements as a serious threat of violence, the panel noted.

“A true threat does not require that the speaker intend to carry it out, or even that she have the capacity to do so.

We believe very strongly that knowledgeable and experienced attorneys on all sides in the criminal justice system are essential to ensure the best outcome for all parties, including victims, the accused and the taxpaying public.

The next day, he was arrested, and repeated his threats in custody. After a two-day trial, and a jury found that Dutcher willfully threatened the President, in violation of the federal statute, because he “actually intended his statement to be a true threat” or “knew that other people would reasonably view his statement as a true threat” but made it anyway. Dutcher appealed, arguing that his words were merely heated rhetoric and he could not be convicted because was unable to carry out his threats – he was only armed with a sling shot and had no ticket to the President’s speech in La Crosse that day.

He challenged the sufficiency of the evidence and the jury instructions at trial. 16-1767 (March 22, 2017), a three-judge panel for the Seventh Circuit Appeals Court affirmed the conviction, concluding the evidence was sufficient to convict him and the jury instructions did not misguide the conviction.

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Deisinger, President, State Bar of Wisconsin Date: March 22, 2017 Re: 2017-2019 Budget - Pay Progression and Private Bar Rate I am the president of the State Bar of Wisconsin, which represents nearly 25,000 licensed Wisconsin lawyers.

“Our Marathon County legal community is shaken to its core by this senseless act of violence that killed our dear friend and colleague,” said Robyn J.