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Mofo gasy is a breakfast food and is often eaten with coffee, also sold at kiosks.In marketplaces and gas stations one may find vendors selling koba akondro, a sweet made by wrapping a batter of ground peanuts, mashed bananas, honey, and corn flour in banana leaves and steaming or boiling the small cakes until the batter has set.

Gear up your hero for battle, empower her with mutations and adorn her with a dazzling array of hairstyles and accessories.

When not on duty, you can even dress up your X-Girl in civilian clothing! Great thanks to Candy for being game for drawing Xavier's wheelchair into the game. Click on "Brush Mode", then click on an item to turn it into a STAMP!

Chin chin is a meal served in Nigeria and west Africa.

Other Nigerian street foods include suya (barbecued meat), boli (roasted plantain), fried yam and fish, roasted corn, and akara and moi-Moi (fried or steamed bean cakes, respectively).

Concept & Art by: Candy's World Coding by: Doll Divine Create infinite female character's from Marvel's X-Men universe!