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Finally it morphed into the Eagle shape with no sharp points.

Most references to BCR serialization miss this point.

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This listing is for a BC Rich Kerry King Signature V style guitar It is the KKV model, and is in great condition. The previous owner had installed some very neat pewter knobs and pickup rings . If you are familiar with the legendary Fender JV Squires the serial numbers go from the earliest JV for about 18 months then to the SQ for I think one year and then the A serial numbers . A Vampyre Story Serial - How Do I Find My A Vampyre Story Serial Number? ","feedpromo.complaint.hidden":"You have hidden promo","notification.all":"Read all","widget.alias.aliaschange":"Save note","sharing.service.livejournal":"Live Journal","":"Today's News","memories.title.add":"Select privacy level","repost.button.counter":"Already reposted by...","api.error.filters.filter_name_not_specified":"Filter name must be specified","tour.steps.skip":"Skip","sharing.service.tumblr":"Tumblr","date.long":"July","date.month.november.long":"November","api.error.groups.group_name_not_specified":"Group name must be specified","fbmerging.step6.description.title":"All posts successfully import to your journal!

for import guitars and accurate dating can only be done by calling someone at bc rich . Rich, guitar, mockingbird: Hi Chris: I will admit that . I have been trying to find out what year my BC Rich was made in, as I got it extremely cheap when it was on sale at a 2nd hand shop down here a few Niedrige Preise, Riesen-Auswahl und kostenlose Lieferung ab nur € 20. ","memories.options":"Full options","fbmerging.step3allow":"Allow","email":"For verification and password recovery","addnewfilter":"Add new filter","date.short":"Jun","repost.button.title":"Repost this entry to my journal","date.month.october.short":"Oct","":"No","date.month.august.short":"Aug","":"Friends only","":"You have subscribed to new username's entries on friends feed","sharing.service.odnoklassniki":"Odnoklassniki","feedpromo.complaint.popup.title":"Why do you want to hide promo?

Ornithological rockers on a budget will want to add the very affordable Masterpiece Mockingbird to their bird watching list, a gorgeous arch-top with AAA quilted maple veneer that can sing and warble like its more rarified cousins.

Whatever song is in your head, the BC Rich Mockingbird was designed to bring it to life - order yours today!

a 88xxx serial number guitar would have been built in 1984).