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By bringing together stakeholders, including members of sexual minorities, academics, service providers, media, policy makers and advocacy organisations, the research engagement worked to bring visibility to hidden and stigmatised sexuality and rights issues.

Critical steps towards visibility for sexual minorities include creating safe spaces for meeting, developing learning materials for university students and engaging with legal rights groups.

The group, whose current moderator is Tanvir Alim, is the largest network for Bangladeshi gay men, organising numerous LGBT rights-related events in Dhaka since 2009.

Boys of Bangladesh aims at building a gay community in the country and repealing Section 377.

Nonetheless, Bo B has more than 2,000 registered members and they include Ph D holders and doctors.

The UN Population Fund and Non-Government Organizations have put pressure on Bangladesh to address issues such as gay rights and sexuality education (Zaman).

In 2009 as well as in 2013, the Bangladeshi parliament has refused to overturn section 377.