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It’s basically saying that, if you meet all I’ll marry you.

Yes, it’s vitally important to be loved, respected, and happy in a relationship.

God wants his daughters to be treasured by a man who would lay down his life to serve and protect her.

God doesn’t want his daughters to lead the relationship, to be burdened with stress and worry, or to connive ways to pressure some guy to marry her.

But does cohabitation prove compatibility, or does it simply test whether the other person fulfills all wants? And you’ll never know what the other person will do if you get cancer or lose your job until it happens years (perhaps even decades) down the road. That’s why part of the marriage vow says, “for better or for worse, in sickness and in health.” In Conclusion Statistics prove that cohabitation is not a healthy way for a relationship to progress; in fact, cohabitation can decrease your chances of getting married and couples who do marry after cohabitating are more likely to divorce.