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[This was in response to] something like 'I am incapable of keeping a jar of peanut butter for more than a day.' I'm not sure whether that came from liking his profile, impatience, or given the subject matter, hunger — or some combination of the three.

15 months later, I'm so incredibly glad I did." — Message sender Ok Cupid"Here's the thread of my exchange with [my partner]. Ok Cupid had a question like 'What's the most embarrassing thing you'll admit to?

Plus, the effectiveness of any given message depends on the guy who’s sending it out and the woman who’s reading it. She’s got a lot of other things competing for her attention, so even dynamite icebreakers can get lost in the shuffle.

Channeling your inner statistician is the only way to figure out which lines will work best for you, so go ahead and get your geek on. When I first started testing out Tinder lines, I just knew that my favorite line “So tell me… So if you don’t get a response to your first message, send her a follow up one.

The silver lining: Horrifying messages are ideal material for war stories, and depressing or entertaining websites and articles that feature egregious digital overtures abound.