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Teachers/parents can also customize each exercise to their children’s learning level as well as print PDF pages to take Abby Phonics 4th Grade off the device and onto paper.

Phonetic Categories: • Long Vowel a consonant e • Long Vowel i consonant e • Long Vowel o consonant e • Long Vowel u consonant e • Vowel Sounds Oi...

Just download and decorate your i Phone's or i Pod's screen and share with your friends ! •Unlimited downloads everyday •Soft, pleasant and sparkling colors •Swipe... Here's how to rank yourself 1 Hit - Even a bind monkey can do this. _______________________________________ Tips on Scoring: - Remember just two rules below: 1.

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Watch the arrow symbols as they fall from the top to the bottom of the play area. Keep up-to-date with the latest news and calendar dates, view image and video galleries as well as the prospectus and other useful School information: Features Include: - News and Calendar - Image Gallery - Video Gallery - Location Map & Directions - Prospectus ***************************** Search for our other FREE "Abby Phonics" series "Abby Phonics - Kindergarten" "Abby Phonics - First Grade" "Abby Phonics - Second Grade" "Abby Phonics - Third Grade" "Abby Phonics - Fourth Grade" "Abby Phonics - First Words" ***************************** Abby Phonics 4th Grade helps young learners improve and enforce their phonics skills with flashcards and interactive exercises.

When an arrow enters the strike zone (blue banded area of panel) press the corresponding purple arrow symbol. If you press your key too early or miss a symbol you will take damage. The interactive exercises strengthen your children’s reading, sentence completion, writing, spelling, and more.

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