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She was often short of money and her brother helped her out when he could.Once, she asked him to sell a writing box which their mother had given her.Gale realised that they were trying to bury her alive.

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Their wedding was reported in the papers under the frivolous headline, "Silk, satin and lace," in reference to her glamorous bridal attire.

The actor Corin Redgrave, a friend of Jonathan, was the best man and the newly-weds moved into a big house in Chelsea.

Was she simply a wide-eyed innocent, mesmerised by the energy and passion of her boyfriend and his black militant friends?

Or were more complex forces at play and was she actually killed, as the movie alleges, because she was a secret service agent on an undercover mission for MI6 whose cover was blown?

Two other companions began to lash at her with a cutlass.