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He never defended me to his family who treated me terribly, especially his mother who humiliated me by putting on my wedding dress and mocking me after I wore it. It’s almost as if they came first because they were his same culture and religion, while I was just a dirty Western girl. He was an angel when he first came here, sometimes working 3 jobs for me in a day to make money for me.

Some days, when I was sad, he would even cry with me.

Even after America has sacrificed so much to bring democracy to Iraq and Afghanistan, a great majority of Muslims hates America and accuses Americans of killing Muslims. After Americans left, American solders were defending the people against the terrorists but since the terrorists were Muslims all Muslims hated the Americans.

This insanity is unique to Muslims and its root is in the Quran and the mental illness of its author.

I was 22 when I met my husband through a mutual acquaintance.