Chelsea staub dating steve mcqueen

) Regarding past films, in which they were featured . Mc Queen BOTH enjoyed stints on Disney films with questionable, and possibly sexually suggestive, titles? When Charlie invents an incredible machine that can wind back time, they enlist the help of the school menace Zeke (Nicholas Braun), to try and help themselves and other outsiders from making critical mistakes that can make or break their high school reputation.

Hey, did you know that Michael Trevino and Steven R. Meanwhile, Virgil has become an invisible nobody, adopting young child prodigy Charlie (Luke Benward) as his new best friend. Speaking of films, Steven was asked whether he would ever consider playing his grandfather, Steve Mc Queen, in a biopic about the accomplished actor’s life . “Besides, he and I are so very different.” Regarding the Best On-Set Prank . Well, apparently, when he got up to go to the bathroom, one of the crew members rubbed Hershey Kisses in his hospital bed, to make him think he “had an accident.” (Ewww!

MINUTEMEN – Virgil Fox (Jason Dolley) has seen the last three years of his uneventful high school life slip through his fingers. Mc Queen) has become a popular school jock and has beautiful Stephanie (Chelsea Staub) as his girlfriend to prove it. “No, I think that would hit too close to home for me,” admitted Steven. So, remember that scene in when Uncle / Father John (played by David Anders) was in his hospital bed, clad in patient-garb?

Mc Queen (a.k.a Jeremy “Mini” Gilbert) and Michael Trevino (a.k.a. Definitely check out her blog for the most comprehensive, and best-written, Forwood-related TVD coverage on the ENTIRE internet. So, are you ready for some juicy tidbits, and crazy Trevino / Mc Queen hijinks? Every once in a while, Michael will get this grin on his face. Not surprisingly, both actors had some pretty eloquent things to say about the roles they have been inhabiting for the past two years. So, I hope for his sake, and ours, that this aspect of Jeremy’s life will change very soon.) When asked about Jeremy’s suicide attempt / thwarted vampire conversion in the Season 1 finale, Steven had this to say: “[After Vicki and Anna died so soon after his parents’ untimely deaths] Jeremy felt like he literally had the Kiss of Death.

Having watched this dynamic duo in action, I can definitely see why! The laidback and inclusive atmosphere, made this Q&A session feel more like an evening spent sharing beers with friends, than a formal press junket. So, how close are Michael’s and Steven’s personalities to the characters they play on the show? And yet, according to Steven, he and Jeremy actually share some similar interests. Jeremy has also genuinely evolved and matured throughout the course of the series. So, he wanted to physically become one.” But Jeremy Gilbert wasn’t the only character to undergo a MAJOR transformation throughout the course of allows himself to trust and care for others in a way that Season 1 Tyler never could.

Things start happening to him that he doesn’t understand. “What about your first werewolf transformation, [in “By the Light of the Moon”]?

Speaking of well-choreographed fight scenes, Trevino’s favorite episode of the show was -esque battle of epic proportions. Does Mc Queen ever wish he got to play a more powerful being .

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