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I think it is a step up from friends with benefits and a step down from a full out being in love type of relationship.I think this type of deal is temporary of course and while it works for you and you are comfortable with it, if you can find someone that would want to go that way with you well then why not.Most men seem to have more then cuddling in mind when they suggest it. For clarification, as I have stated, I can satiate my own carnal cravings, if need be.

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Bikerboy - Yes, I think it's possible, just need some awareness around when it might not be the wisest idea...everyone has hormones, some days they may interfere. More often than not, if I am comfortable enough to cuddle with someone, I would definately be sexually attracted to them and if the opportunity arose for it to lead to beyond cuddling, I would most likely not turn it down.

I did have something like that for quite awhile with two guys before, and no, not at the same time, lol..would have been a whole lot of lovin' I have no idea what you'd classify your profile as if that's what you're looking for, BUT I can tell you that I don't think I'd buy it if I heard you say that was all you wanted. However, like everyone who has "dry spells" in between relationships, we need someone to turn to for the intimacy whether it be sexual or platonic.

As well, what would this classify my "search" needs as in POF?

Is that considered "other activities" or "hang out" ?

Remember that we are the largest free online dating service, so you will never have to pay a dime to meet your soulmate. The worst thing about not being in a relationship is not missing the sex, we can all masturbate.

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