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Understanding this is priceless because it quickly leads to loads of fun dates and eventually real love.If you’re to believe the lyrics to a popular holiday song, “It’s the most wonderful time of the year.” But a lot of people aren’t buying that, particularly singles.

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They just don’t want to be ‘that person’ during the holidays.” But there are ways to mingle amid the mistletoe as a single person, have fun at holiday events and maybe even get to know someone who will turn into a significant other in 2014.

Here are some holiday dating myths and realities we learned when interviewing Rosenthal, Hooper and two other matchmaking and relationship pros, Tawni Blake of Flirt, and Richard “RJ” Jaramillo of San Diego, founder of Single

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I dare you to watch the amazing video interview that I did with him and not have your heart melt.

Hooper, a matchmaker and dating coach in Denver, agrees.

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    If you are an angel like me and have set up some friends, here are some ground rules to follow so you don’t become that dreaded middle line of communication. Don’t pull a Gretchen Weiners and reveal all of one of your friend’s secrets to the other.

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