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Unlike other dating services he provides a practical, real-life coaching experience that actually involves meeting and interacting with women in everyday situations.

Sebastian helps men develop the comfort and ease to express themselves with raw honesty.

There is often a pattern we see in our students; in order to be successful at one area of their life, they often have to make the sacrifice of another area in order to achieve remarkable things… These are some of the many topics you will cover during training: Click here for the training page In order to train with Johnny you really have to WANT to take your social and dating capabilities to the next level.

You might be in a position where you feel like you are in a rut, you feel isolated and your vision is unclear.

My motto is a man will treat you how you let him treat you.

Therefore, your relationship does depend only on you, only on your actions & your mindset.

You might be in a position where all of your friends don’t share the same outlook as you and are actually preventing you from moving forward in this area of your life.