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If Chuck Barris actually wrote this book, which is a huge IF when it comes to celebrity books, he displays a wry wit about not only his fictitious CIA capers but also his more factual experiences as TV's most successful, and hated, producer.

His exploits are both boastful and self-deprecating as he describes his success after two years in TV as achieving "My first prime-time special,my second tenth pregnant girl-friend".

Even though now we can pretty much rule out the whole hit-man thing (a later memoir didn't really bring it up), this book still stands as a wildly amusing perfectly metaphorical memoir where Barris took his persecution frustration from the people who said he was responsible for the dumbing down of our wonderful nation via network television and confessed to things they'd really be disgusted at - actually killing some of the American and International public, not just dumbing them down.

Angry, searching, thoughtful, silly, and always amusing.

Given how outrageous a claim he's making, I expected the story to be more, well, outrageous.