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That’s a question that really can’t be answered on a first date.” So unless there are major red flags, do your best to stick it out and give your potential boo a fighting chance.

Even if you wouldn’t normally offer to pay on a first date, it’s a good idea to at least make the gesture if you’re leaving early.

If you need to leave because you’re feeling uncomfortable or unsafe, call yourself a taxi and throw down some cash on your way out. Even though it might not have been a fit, a date is never a waste of time, since you are both learning more about yourselves and what you need in a relationship, says Hoffman.

Before you push the send button or ignore his or her texts, read these tips on how to end the relationship without a digital twist. I recommend making a list of what you like and don't like about your current steady sweetheart and see which column is longer. Find your closest confidant and discuss your feelings with him or her before you do the deed. If you were comfortable enough to sleep with him or her, you should find it in your heart to be comfortable enough to have the convo. Insecurity will emerge and both of you will wonder what the other is doing when they're not with you. In my blog on The Huffington Post, "It's Not Complicated: How to Handle a Breakup on Facebook," I wrote about the new Facebook tools, which allows you to see less of your former flame, by preventing his or her status updates and posts to appear in your feed and helps you easily untag yourself from photos of the two of you together.

Seeing your deal-breakers in black and white takes the emotions out of a premature breakup. Show your friend your list and ask them if they think you're overreacting to his nail biting habit or her obsessiveness with texting during a date. While it's true that giving your partner space is healthy in a relationship, instead of smothering him or her, if the space is permission to paint the town red and post it on social media in the arms of another, it's going to go down badly. I suggest you read it and make the decision mutually as to whether you will unfriend each other on social media.

Staring at his Instagram feeds and monitoring her check-ins will make you sick, online and IRL.