Dating in colombian culture

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Boost your knowledge about how things work in Colombia to avoid insulting its people or their heritage.

Both men and women can make a better impression and show respect by understanding how women are viewed in Colombia: whether they enjoy the same legal rights as men; how they are represented in Colombian politics, law, medicine, and business; if they can date or choose their own mates and professions, and what they tend to choose.

Part of their legacy is the myth of El Dorado, which is believed to have inspired the conquest of the continent.

The king or chief priest of the Muisca was said to be ritually covered with gold dust at a religious festival held in Lake Guatavita, near present-day Bogotá.

As a woman, you'll gain insight on how to blend in with dress and behavior and make appropriate travel or business plans to fit in with cultural norms.

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