Dating olympia washington

Birth Registers record names of parents, name of child, date, and birthplace.

The Death Registers record name, place, date, and cause of death.

The State Library, also, has the microfilm birth index 1907-1929 as well as additional print transcriptions available in the Northwest and Genealogy Reference collections.

The State Library has a microfilm Birth index containing records for various counties and years before 1910 with records organized according to the Soundex system.

Contact either the Washington State Library, State Government Archives or the nearest State Archives Regional Branch to access this index. The State Library has the Everyname index to the Washington State Society, Daughters of the American Revolution, Genealogical Records Committee Collection : covering the years 1927-2000, series 1-3.

The State Library has: Series 1 - Genealogical gleanings, v1-9; Series 2 - Washington DAR Genealogical Records Committee Report - v5-42; Series 3 - Family records of Washington Pioneers - v1-67.

If trying to find the specific place an ancestor lived, or verify his or her residence during non-census years, searching city and county directories may provide you with the information you need.