Dating snuggie

There are some pretty weird ones for sale right now which means some individual Snuggie-fication and the opportunity to let your personality shine through your Snuggie choices.

So while we might have at one time pulled a Liz Lemon and laughed at our Snuggie-love, perhaps now’s the time to admit they’re freaking comfortable and we want to curl up in them all of the time.

Annoyed at having to emerge from the bag to use the remote control, he cut an armhole in it. My sister got a Snuggie as a gag gift and it's very, very thin, like a baby blanket, while the Slanket is more like the kind of regular blanket you would have on a bed.

When I was a kid I had something similar, guess I got in the 80s.

They get the idea to mass market and name it Snuggie.