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Of course, there are always exceptions to the rule, but assuming that we would not want our emotional and mental well-being to hinge on a miracle, is it worth the risk?

But this is not what the recovering addict is thinking about.

Men tend to cope by splitting off from their feelings; that is, are more likely to engage in sexual relationships while remaining emotionally divorced or superficial.

Sex is a trigger for emotional over-involvement or under-involvement relative to the stage of relationship.

It's during the first year of recovery that the addict is to learn how to break the cycle of addiction.

A year of sobriety and "relationship abstinence" is meant to allow a sufficient amount of time to deal with one's own emotions without having to resort to his/her addiction, to build self-awareness and to become responsible for one's own emotional care.

That's all." She was referring his anticipated return from being out of town for several days.