Dating younger man 20

Yet, I still hear from my fellow 20-something women that the men they've met lack a certain level of maturity that is desired. It's nearly impossible to shock them because if they haven't done something stupid themselves, they've definitely had a friend of a friend who’s done something even more insane.

If you've dated an older man — think 30 to 35 years old — you'll have experienced how a man 10 years older than you is exponentially more relatable than someone your age. They understand that at 25, you're still learning, growing and becoming the woman you aspire to be.

They've probably made mistakes as boyfriends and subsequently learned and become better partners because of it.

They've more than likely also been hurt by others, and had relationships fail.

They know what they like and they know what they hate.

They won't waste their time with women who don't fit their criteria, and they're much more forward when letting you know what they want from a relationship.

Once you eliminate mind games, it's amazing how easy, enjoyable and successful a relationship can be.

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