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Do some role playing and have your teen pretend to call and ask someone out.Have them be asked out as well so they know how to accept or respectfully decline an invitation.We’ve got tons of ideas on our site that can be adapted for teens. Now it’s time for a lesson on how to act and behave once you are actually on your date!

Melissa Kiguwa is a blue writer, performer, a social critic, television and radio personality in South Africa.

Raised by a Haitian father and a Ugandan mother, Melissa considers herself an Afro-diasporic nomad.

We want to start those good habits now with your kids!

Help your teen brainstorm some fun date activities.

Migration, imperialism, gender, spirituality, sexuality and capitalism influences much of her work. Ty I used to love the parable of the reckless son who leaves his father’s wealthy home for the thrill and glamor of the city. In fact, he eats worse than the pigs at his father’s home. Mom and Dad the wordsmith in me always fails to find the words to say how deep, how loving, how amazing your energy, support, and encouragement has been.