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Combine this population with those who are chronically ill or have suffered a serious injury, and it’s easy to see how now and in the future you may have clients who are deemed medically fragile. population is 65 years or older, and as the baby boomers continue to age, the size of this group will continue to grow.If an emergency occurs, Salvo recommends raising the bedrails to keep the client secure and then stepping out into the hallway to call for help instead of pushing the call button.

The length of intake will differ based on the client, but make sure to have extra time allotted as most times you’ll need to talk with these clients longer.

“Intake is extensive, and likely to comprise most of the client’s initial visit,” says Goodwin.

“Modifications in my location include lowering the table to ease access and assisting the client around the treatment space,” says Goodwin.

“Working with the client only in a semi-reclining supine position, avoiding repositioning and working with the client clothed are other modifications I often make.” You should also consider using linens in contrasting colors for those clients who might be visually impaired.

Also, if you need to step away from a client, make sure the bed rails are raised before doing so. You aren’t going to want to move furniture from a client’s room, but you can try to make as clear a path as possible around the bed or chair to facilitate your work.